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Greetings from the Worshipful Master

In America today, Freemasonry is a burgeoning tradition that is still following along the path trodden by our forefathers. To this day its principles are unfailing, and its purpose as poignant and valid as ever.

Freemasonry at large is an international fraternity, which has been flung to the far corners of the map. Active lodges may be found in places as distant from the fraternity’s origin as Thailand, South Africa & Argentina. An organization composed of like-minded men who believe in the principles of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth, Freemasonry’s intent is to engage and inspire good men to better themselves and become involved in providing charity to their communities.

Welcome to the official site of Rural Lodge AF & AM. Dating back to 1801, we have a long history with and close connection to Quincy and the surrounding area. Currently, the fraternity is experiencing a resurgence in the United States and things are no different here on the South Shore. Rural is a large and active lodge and I would invite anyone interested to contact us for further information about ourselves and the fraternity.

Stephen E. Beatty
Rural Lodge AF&AM
1170 Hancock St.
Quincy, MA

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